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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I’m Leaving For the Year…Who Cares?

Campaign Decrease International Checked Baggage
February-Contributing Writer 

Last fall many of the American airlines changed their baggage policies and the International checked baggage policy was just one of the policies that were changed. So, if you are currently traveling to or from the United States on an International flight, then you are only allowed one checked bag. WHAT! When I was preparing to travel back to the United States from Korea and I read that, I was floored. Many people who travel overseas are staying for a lengthy about of time unless they are traveling for business. So, why are they changing the baggage policies? Well, could it be to increase revenue?

Be prepared to pay anywhere from $70 to $400 for your checked baggage.

More and more people are beginning to move overseas for school, work, and better living opportunities and the limiting on baggage is another way to increase revenue for the airlines and make the public pay. As if we aren’t taxed enough in the midst of an economic crisis.

What are you going to do about it?

Well, I am actually pretty upset about this change, and I am one of those people who think that you should fight for what you believe in. So, I can’t just let this happen while sitting around and complaining, because I’m no victim. However, I am wise enough to know that change doesn’t happen because one has a personal issue with something, change happens when the masses have a personal issue with something. So, what am I going to do about it? Well, I am starting a campaign, Campaign Decrease International Checked Baggage; this will be a FB campaign and email write in campaign. I urge you to hit "Like" on the new FB campaing page and then send an email to each of the airlines expressing your discontent."Like" us on The Campaign International Baggage

United Airlines Baggage Policy--->click

American Airlines Baggage Policy--->click

Delta Airlines: Baggage Policy--->click

Don't Settle For Less While Paying More!!!

I am asking you, if you too have a problem with accepting with change to send an email to United, Delta, and American Airlines requesting for them to change their policies.

I am not sure what will happen, but I know that there is power in numbers.  

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