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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Return

By Breian Brockington

I've lived the last four years of my life teaching and singing in different country's. Four years filled with learning new languages, riding camels, running through mud, relaxing on secluded beaches, reprimanding students, getting robbed, tasting exotic cuisines, and adding to my endless supply of friends and family. I know it all sounds exciting and adventurous and it truly is but sometimes you need a break. A break from the newness and instability of it all. A break from having to explain your jokes or wondering if your presence is going to cause unwanted attention. No, I'm not complaining. Truth be told I know I am a world traveler. I know that traveling and touching others lives if only for a brief moment is one of my callings. That in itself made the return even more difficult.

In August I departed Morocco to return home to Atlanta, Georgia. However, I didn't completely leave Morocco in Africa. My return home meant I had some serious decisions to make. I began questioning my future. Asking myself whether or not I was ready to give up being an international ESL instructor. I had until October to make my decision and by then I was still undecided. See generally an ESL instructor is given 1 to 2 months of vacation in the summer. That's supposed to be enough time catch up with friends, soak up some native love (where ever you happen to be from) and maybe do a little traveling. And man, I must say we have it made compared to some of our family and friends back home. This time around I couldn't make up my mind. The truth was I missed home. I missed my family and the normalcy of fading into the background.

Has the transition into a "stay at home American" been easy? No, but I'm glad I made the decision. Is this a permanent decision? No, by no means is it permanent. I'm a self proclaimed citizen of the world. However, this moment that I have been given, I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to soak up as many laughs and memories as I can because I know I'll need them to get me through my next international journey. 

I hope this post encourages others to take a break. Feeling drained will only enhance the disdain you feel in that present moment. And for individuals struggling with the decision to move on to something new or complete something old, remember, the world isn't going anywhere.


Breian is an International ESL instructor for English First International-Atlanta.
 "I want to bring light to the falsehood of cultural stereotypes and  international travel through music"

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